Sunday, 28 February 2016

Solar Cells As Light As A Soap Bubble

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Therefore, thin, flexible, lightweight solar cells Imagine that they can be placed on virtually any material or surface, his hat, shirt, or smart phone, or even including a sheet of paper or a helium balloon .

Researchers at MIT have now demonstrated such a technology: thin, lightweight solar cells ever created. This is a commercial product, although it can take years to develop a laboratory proof of concept could help power the next generation of portable electronic devices that suggests a new approach for making solar cells.

New action in the Journal of Organic Electronics, MIT professor Vladimir Bulovic, research scientist Annie Wang, and is described in a paper by doctoral student Joel Jean.

Bulovic, protection for innovation and support Fariborz Christ MIT Associate Dean Professor of Emerging Technologies, the new strategy is the key to solar cell, substrate for (1990), and save the environment the overcoating is to say in the process. Built on the substrate location and, during construction, to be clear handled, or removed visibility can degrade cell performance for such dust or other contaminants from the space that never need to minimize .

Bulovic SAIC "inventive step sensation as your device, you can move the development of the substrate at the same time".

In this initial proof of concept, both the substrate and the team overcoating, and primary light is referred to as DBP absorption layer using a flexible organic material such as a polymer called parylene. Parylene is implanted biomedical devices and widely available as a commercial plastic coating used to protect printed circuit boards from environmental damage. The entire process takes place at room temperature and in a vacuum chamber without the use of any solvents, unlike traditional solar cell manufacturing, which requires high temperatures and harsh chemicals. In this case, using both the substrate and the vapor deposition techniques are "large" solar cell.

A process, many materials

The specific choice of materials gives the team just on the left, and the key innovation is that the line substrate manufacturing process. Different materials can be substituted for organic layers used in the initial test, can be used for substrate and encapsulation layers, and different types of thin film solar cell materials including quantum dots or perovskites ,.

But already, the team has ever made the thinnest and lightest full solar cells, he says. To demonstrate how thin and lightweight cells, researchers bubble without popping, wrapped in a cell on top of a soap bubble.can blow up, "Jane losing the advantages of said substrate forming line.

, In the case of glass - similar to a flexible parylene film, kitchen cling wrap, but only one-tenth as thick, the first content stored on a sturdier. Figuring out how to cleanly define the thin material of glass has spent many years working with a major challenge, Wang, who parylene to separate.

Researchers using up after completion of the parylene / solar cell / parylene network stack of the production process, made of flexible film frame. About two micrometers thick - - the ultimate ultra-thin, flexible solar cells, substrate and including overcoating, only one fiftieth of one-thousandth the thickness of a human hair and glass side or the thickness of the solar cells on substrates yet the change in his glass as effectively as their counterparts based on electricity only.

No miracles needed

"We put our careers in a vacuum system up and then we collect everything, and then peel the whole thing," Wang explained. Bulovic like most new inventions sad, it all seems very simple - once it has been. But the development of techniques to make the process work required years of effort.

Since the network used a glass for solar cells, genes "It could be anything. You, takes place under almost any material can be used" processing such benign conditions. For example solar cell substrate and can be deposited directly on fabric or paper.

In this demonstration solar cell device, because of its low weight, it is not particularly effective, its strength-to-weight ratio between the highest success. It is important for applications where weight or high-altitude helium balloon is used for research, such as the space is important. About 400 times more - a typical silicon-based solar modules, whose weight is dominated by a glass cover, while about 15 watts of power per kilogram of weight can produce new cells already grams per 6 watts has demonstrated a production.

"It is not so light that you might not know it, on your shirt or your notebook," said Bulovic. "These cells can be an add-on to existing structures."

Still, it is early laboratory scale, and in a manufacturable product will take time to develop, the team says. But the commercial success may be uncertain in the short term, this can open new applications for solar energy in the long run. "We have worked with the concept of a proof," said Bulovic. The second question is how many miracles, seems to place the extension "We think it's a lot of hard work ahead, but likely needed no miracles."

PlayStation VR might skip the PS4 and head for the clouds

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Digital gloves with haptic feedback is entered in the way forward after the virtual reality (VR) market. It is often cited as one of the best control solutions for VR. And it seems Sony are giving attention. We US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Sony Computer Entertainment Tokyo, filed by Japan to be decided at the least if a patent filed on February 25. You'd be forgiven for thinking "that looks terrible." But the most interesting cloud gaming to Sony's patent filing.
Gloves are likely to become a widely accepted form of control of virtual reality, it raises the level of immersion is. Sony is putting the pedal to the metal, but the gloves on display is reminiscent of other hardware. It was an excellent example by Omni last year, that was the last word on this project which will be implemented in Virtuix 'VR Treadmill Omni. In particular, the features haptic feedback and how to move your hands and fingers digital representation of the real world. Rather than a revolutionary piece of hardware, it is likely to develop the most natural course of things, VR. Execution and hardware method, however, may differ.

But it also mentioned the return of Sony digital cloud. There are two sections of particular interest. At first, Sony writes that "will be the first action by providing 106 functions" content cloud gaming as a thin client in communication with a network 112. A cloud gaming computer, and after optionally then processed by (probably) video for VR headsets, audio, and a consumer device like the streaming data input data controller.
This is a very big step, and it basically will allow the Sony PlayStation VR stand. For GameFace but you will never be in the same room with the most processing. Sony headset is currently limited by their two-year hardware within the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Time passes quickly in the tech world, and Sony's existing VR headset is not passed 1080P. Before outrun by their phones perform 4K resolution Sony VR headset it will not be long.
Sony has already said it is not limited to playback content that is gaming station VR determine prices as a gaming platform, he said. And maybe that is exactly what Sony wants. Headset we've seen so far may be limited to use with PS4, it should not. But open with a patent like this, it would not be surprising for the release of the Sony PlayStation VR repetition and PS4 than see it become a different thing entirely. It will certainly be not limited by hardware failure to render in resolutions 1080P.

Three new videos focus on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge; check them out now!


Three new video released today to promote the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Why is asking first video, called "Why, he's" Smartphone owners can not get certain features on their handset. "Why is that? My phone, can not buy this odd-shaped meat sandwich" asked one woman. A man tries to squeeze his hand in his pants pocket set. "My phone has a large screen, but their dress fashionably tight jeans, I can not be small enough to fit because" he wonders.

Wants to know why a man can not last long enough to navigate this scary forest on her phone out of battery. As video becomes more questions become sillier. If a wealthy rapper (hypothetical, but still not an amalgamation) a few artists like pouring champagne rich and carefree break their phones that they want to know how they can show to everyone.

So far, you have a way to solve all of them must know "Why?" Questions to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. And we do this, William Massey surprised they will not bother to give away the ending might not want to know who is the official spokesperson for the Galaxy S7 edge. After all, the phone is "just water resistant, excellent wireless charging, the camera being able to pay almost anywhere Memory Details" phone, "says Massey said.

The video focuses on the water. Ad points out, we can not live without us. And without that outside of us, we'll be filthy and disgusting and off our skin. Water, and our phone calls clip, we can not survive without two things. "If I get a call you can not get wet Why," asks the voice of the announcer. The Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S7 S7 edge IP68 certification. This means it can be submerged in 3.2 feet to as deep as the phone as long as 30 minutes water, and emerged unscathed.

Why is the third ad called "black" Many great things happen in the dark video, which you need a smartphone with a camera that takes pictures in low light conditions. Galaxy Galaxy S7 and S7 F means both aperture / 1.7, 12MP camera on the back edge that can be snapped pictures in low light conditions and still seem to come out very well.