Sunday, 31 January 2016

Google’s (GOOG) Project SkyBender Aims For 5G Internet Connection With Solar-Powered Drones

For more detail:

5G Wireless Internet transmission project that aims to provide solar-powered drone is

(NASDAQ: GOOG) and a wireless Internet connection that 5G solar drone project which aims to provide SkyBender an initiative, is working on.

Virgin Galactic Guardian company rented a 15,000 square foot hangar Americans, is keeping the technology.

Company to build installations for experiments allegedly paying $ 300,000 to the New Mexico Spaceport Authority premises, is being held in. US tech giant last year than the one used to create a prototype with transreceivers, has been an on-going process by the initiative to give customers fast and uninterrupted internet.

The company currently plane in "Centaur" and Google is testing drones Titan, and clearly this is an offshoot of the company to access Google in its use, to carry out a generous budget has set July 2016 . The testing phase will end this platform, Google as well as other aspects of the project seems to focus on. This space operations center with its own terminal near, the repeater tower and the flight control center after it became clear.

Google is clear, competitive and perhaps to surpass competitors, including Facebook, which makes this yearning 4G LTE, 40 times faster than the high-frequency millimeter waves to provide a connection to the drone use wants. The latter has been used with the same technology. This probably Google to provide Wi-Fi connection in rural areas Project Loon, an initiative with the transmitter using balloons, the most likely cause.

This keen interest in the development of 5G connection for many companies seems to have become the modern day agenda. Starry startup company recently also for fast connection, which uses millimeter waves to an Internet router, rolled out. Google's leaning toward a US service, competitive markets is to maintain its dominant position, it is possible.

If the project meets with success, the novelty of it, albeit temporarily, Google's biggest rival might help. Project, and "self-flying aircraft" technology to the company's purpose, about which official government documents are intrigued customers, and naturally so, a faster, more efficient and reliable Internet connection Any chance we will please most. Although there is a significant downside, using millimeter waves transmission over mobile phone networks are a more limited range.

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