Saturday, 13 February 2016

Google to shut down Picasa support this spring

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Picasa is? The renowned Spanish artist, "is a portmanteau of the Spanish equivalent of my house" or both? This is actually a mixture of both, but seeing how little service Google has been promoting in recent years, you may have thought we were in love with you. This, though, is 100%
Serious - After a seeming afterthought Picasa treatment for the past few years, Google would be shutting down service this spring.
Picasa desktop app will be closed on March 30, and two months later, users will be able to edit any of Picasa Web Albums. But why Google is such a beautiful, albeit undisclosed amount was paid back in 2004 when Picasa is shuttering? Two words - Google Images.
Indeed, Google is very, very aggressive in the past year to enhance the images in the app after its release, and it is surprisingly still hyping no access to "edit , and most (users of Picasa) content sharing easy way. " The tech giant that will be on all the pictures and videos are already posted in the Photos app, and they will now be able to download or delete their Picasa albums. Still, without the option to edit albums, Picasa service this season after closing spring is basically useless.
Although it appeared to be the end of an era, Picasa is not alone in its growing irrelevance. Yahoo acquired Flickr in 2005, and Flickr while around with no sign of going away anytime soon now, the service has become progressively less significant, despite the best efforts of Yahoo to promote it.

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