Thursday, 11 February 2016

LG announces case for the G5 phone that doesn’t exist yet

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You might think it's strange that LG is to announce an accessory to a device that is not yet official, but it was South Korea. one more time.

In a press release titled "LG Electronics introduced the highly anticipated LG touch-enabled for quick call-core G5," the company announced Wednesday its new subsidiary.

Apparently, LG wanted to answer "the age-old question - is the first smartphone or cover" but it may have gone wrong. Look, first came to the creative engineers as soon as the phone began to grow dumb computer features phones. Then, a clumsy user cases and other protective equipment to fix that so many companies, expensive smartphones alarming rate began to fall.

Moving on, the new quick-core but new features like the previous models. Cover without opening the case of touch-friendly and that will answer your calls, alarm and control settings cover a semi-transparent mesh.

LG using a really strange language decided to confirm a few features LG G5. After a few hours always covered verify functionality before the display on Facebook, LG is referred to in the press as a "rumor" feature.

"LG's signature 'second screen' always on display, rumored to be a feature in the highly anticipated LG G5, which allows users to time, date and information, check with the cover closed immediately," said LG.

LG also indicated new instant cover with a glossy metallic finish to increase includes a G5, a metal design that will "cover the smooth and luxurious look and feel unique film."

If you thought Samsung just gets mad at his press announcement, then think again. See the full press release below - LG which also.

LG Electronics introduced the highly anticipated LG G5 quick touch-enabled phone cover

ENGLEWOOD Cliffs, NJ, February 10, 2016 / PRNewswire / - LG Electronics (LG), a new version of its instant Case, LG's next-generation flagship smartphone, LG G5 is designed specifically for start the answer to the age old question - what came first smartphone or cover?

Latest LG provides quick cover benefits with the quick cover, but added features. Touch function, recently introduced on the K10 core link in the immediate, G5 is available immediately cover the semi-transparent mesh cover. Facilitate communication function enables users to control calls and alarm settings without having to open the case for the final.

LG's signature "second screen" always on display, rumored to be a highly anticipated feature LG G5, allowing users to check the time, date and information, closed with quick cover. Finishing the look and feel of the upcoming LG G5, the new LG includes a unique film with a glossy metallic finish to enhance the quick cover smooth and luxurious look and feel.

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