Monday, 8 February 2016

Microsoft’s new site highlights Windows 10 security features


Microsoft has really done a lot to promote the new features of Windows 10 for consumers and businesses. The company Cortana, Universal Windows applications, and desktops, tablets, and mobile highlights many of the additions to the operating system in its marketing benefits including being able to run the same OS.
Windows 10 offers from.
Just as online security to have to deal with cyber criminals strategy and the risk they pose to consumers, has developed a lot in recent years. In its latest OS in mind that Microsoft customers have decided to launch this new website was designed to allow businesses to know their variables.
The ways in which Microsoft Windows 10 safe devices, identity protection, data protection and decided to refer to security, including details of how to handle the risk of resistance. More details are provided on the Microsoft is protecting its customers ways.

The latest version of Windows by highlighting the ways in which a growing security threats and protect consumers when they are becoming more complex, the company said that the adoption of OS stimulation and consumers are reluctant to upgrade to do so may be able to convince.

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