Friday, 5 February 2016

Mysterious 'Code 53' error is borking iPhone 6 and 6S handsets beyond repair

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Your phone to make sure it is in tip-top condition, you will buy a new Apple
Apple iPhone 6 and was beyond repair themselves without a number after the process or result of the warning to specify iPhone 6S units borked faces calls.
Appears in a move that would make Microsoft blush, is that the iPhone 6S 6 devices are repaired by an Apple technician, then a "code 53" error message is generated phone bricking Is.
The phones are broken but are "capable of suddenly falling under code 53 have been reports of bricking.
'Error' appear to be a recent addition to the code in iOS 9 construction, not only makes the phone completely useless, but, within the meaning of the data network contacts, photos, music and backup anything not that iCloud.
To accept only retrieve update and mortar - no warning from Apple's new software will brick your phone is installed.
"Genius Bar" does not say anything about the 53 Apple stores and error and you have a new iPhone is not the only way it can.
Some users pointed out what a hipster to do so where the unofficial repair, there are no official Apple stores that have been in the country?
The problem is especially some influence on where a finger print scanner has been tampered with or damaged in the, but that is far from the only scenario.
This appears to be the worst kind of ransomware, that you can only use the Apple store and pay upwards of £ 200 for you could cost £ 30 a repair Woolwich town center designed to ensure a payload.
Worse still, it is instead using word of mouth to the horror stories of borked phones, is going to tell you what does not.even if the richest company for about 2 seconds.
We asked Apple for their version of events. So far, without the explanations given below as toThe Guardian, explaining confirmed, that: "When a call is a service provided by an unauthorized repair, the defective screens or touch ID sensor the void can cause other components to fail check the pairing can not be verified.
If error 53 "being displayed" a ... a customer encounters an unrecoverable error 53 in an update or restore, additional security checks, we recommend you contact Apple support. "
From what we have heard, Apple's problem, just tell you to buy a new phone.

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