Monday, 1 February 2016

Researchers develop new DNA test that can diagnose breast cancer risk

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Analysis of the DNA of normal breast tissue in the way a woman's risk of developing breast cancer if the doctors can help discover, a new study shows.
Eve Appeal and by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme funded research ,, DNA changes the women with breast cancer in healthy tissue that shows clear evidence. , UCL Department of women's cancer started by Andrew Teschendorff led by Professor Martin Widschwendter and research, most of the women developed breast cancer is to explain how.
Widschwendter these results and prevent the development of cancer in women in support of research that are important. Researchers epigenetic changes in normal breast tissue and how they dispose of a woman associated with cancer risk factors are hard to understand.
The application of this epigenetic defect signature epigenetic change "off switch" and prevent cancer growth is the key that holds the key to the development of new interventions, Widschwendter added

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