Saturday, 13 February 2016

Rumor: Apple iPhone 5se And iPad Air 3 Available Starting March 18

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IPhone and iPad Air 5se 3 at 14 weeks in an apple case scenario is likely to be made public, and apparently a new report is expected to confirm the launch date.
In addition to claiming that Apple is indeed planning 5se and iPad Air 3 plans to unveil at an event on March 15, both reported 9to5mac devices like the Apple retail stores and online March 18 it will be available in stores.
According to sources, Apple news site, Apple is unlikely to customer pre-orders for the two devices, you can change the sources of the iPhone 3 and iPad Air 5se plan of selling the company added that although you will be offered.
On 9to5mac as noted, the absence of pre-orders and release devices on the scene almost immediately after it unveiled a new strategy for Apple. In comparison, the iPad Pro unveiled by the company after more than two months were released to market, and introduced a new model iPhone pre-order period usually place after a week or two goes on sale.
IPad 4, however, has unveiled the same day the iPad Pro that was introduced from September 9, continues. Whether this new approach will be implemented by Apple to move ahead this product has not yet been determined.
Apple iPhone 5se the iPhone within its small body and since it was released back in September 20 iPhone 5S, the first will be a 4-inch model, 2013. Reports claim that the smartphone the specifications for the 6S, will be used in Apple's current flagship devices M9 and A9 processors. 5se iPhone is also said to be Sri support Apple Pay always.
IPad Air 3, on the other hand, is a future Apple device, and it is expected to be a massive upgrade of its predecessor. The new Apple tablet display with improved battery life and a 4K 4 GB RAM, and the analogy with the signals that have been designed with a leak Pad Pro support for tablet, smart connector which is said to be packing the total of four speakers with a flash function for the rear-facing camera to confirm.

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