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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: An iPhone 6 Killer In Every Regard

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 iPhone 6. A Samsung Galaxy S6 2015 but can take on Apple's iPhone 6? Let's find out

In 2014, it was fine with the Galaxy Note 4, was not the best year for Samsung, but the critical and commercial ass paddling Galaxy S5, it was after that came from the flagship firm. I take that very first Samsung device a full breath through gritted teeth was greeted with a sharp breath. It did not sell well, they did not like it. Plastic Fantastic, ended the era of the smartphone, and Samsung is not clocked any reason.

Means that something radical needed - Project Zero. When developing the Samsung Galaxy S6 is internally called when I was, I was going back to the drawing board, literally firm. Made of plastic loaded, generic design sleek and stylish, metal and glass had to be replaced with chiseled.

Samsung's sales, profits and ownership of the mobile space dwindle in 2015. The main reason for the project began as Apple's iPhone 6, was essentially destroyed everything in the 2014/15 rate course, did not work, However.

In 2016, Samsung will make the Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE + handset with the Galaxy S7 EDGE,. Galaxy Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE will launch on February 21 2016, kick-off just before MWC ,. Interestingly, this very same day, LG will announce its highly anticipated LG G5 flagship..

Many of the leaked images revealed more we can expect from the Galaxy and Galaxy S7 S7 side and we also have a fairly good idea about some of its features - for example, it supports micro SD will, and it will again be water and dust resistant. In addition, the arrival of the Galaxy S7 will mean a reduction of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, so if you're in the market for a bargain, you likely will be spoiled for choice

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Design

Apple and Samsung have been with Google, one of the world's most popular brands. The marketing and advertising (2012 reportedly bought his way in with insane levels of spending $ 12 billion) - but the thing about it is that Samsung did not really get there on merit. It always made brilliant handsets, which gave birth to the scene of the Phablet is a prime example, but recently dropped, failed this time (sell Galaxy S5) got sick of people fell because the company drumming it is the same old crap year after year will be the Galaxy Note.

And then sometime in 2014.

The pump for the Samsung handsets that look great. Galaxy Note 4 Well, of course it was, - notes are always updated. But for me it really showed Samsung Galaxy Alpha that change the way construction and design phones; it was just wonderful to see. For this reason, I started for the first time (for a very long time to get excited about the prospect of a new flagship Galaxy) in the air.

Alpha Galaxy S6, the beautiful shape, sleek profile and takes everything that was great about the best contouring, and several steps. The result is a wonderful feeling that the handset fits perfectly in your hand and pocket. If ever there was one, just the right size Galaxy S6 is a Goldilocks handset.

1) but, even Trucker smudges like a mother with a small step, and 2) Leave your handset, it will almost certainly feel good front and back of the Galaxy S6 two very important which means they are constructed from glass broken or, worse, shatter. This means you will need a case. Aside handset look and brilliant, although these issues. I grip it very well from AIDS and metal trim around the edges, which is a whole aesthetic together.

White Pearl, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz and Sapphire Black Galaxy S6 four, fetching is available in many color schemes. The handset itself is just a small 6.8mm thin and ultra-light in advance the scales at 138g ,. For me, this handset Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the HTC One M9, iPhone 6 and motor X. Like the more traditional way but as the size of the units, sized modern, Phablet in a strange twist of fate Samsung handset represents the perfect compromise between sets now makes the best looking phones on the market, HTC can not even hold a candle to an M9 or iPhone 6 children. This is truly the saying goes, brilliant and again.

As it supports the innovation, innovation in design is a stunning handset cost, but no microSD card and you can no longer remove the battery. They forget that this time around it was almost certainly the handset will set in motion the old faithful of the Master Samsung Galaxy S units a day, both these things.

If I'm honest, it's not a deal breaker for me. I do not use the card and I never have to carry around an extra battery with me. But I get why some users may be a little cheesed off about it switcharoo; the value of any card on the construction of the media and then be able to use their handset to their shiny, brand new no.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Overview: Display

I QHD panel and about my hatred for the main reason that the battery life has been very vocal in recent months. So every QHD phone to date being a phablet.

It is, however, the Galaxy S6 is different. More - that is, both the HTC One M9 (a 1080p handset) and Google Nexus 6 is now managing more than a normal sized chassis with a normal sized battery yet by some form of Magical 5.1in uses QHD panel, and even later.

The screen itself is impressive. There really is no other word for it. This is the best screens I have ever used. Period. It's amazing to see the dynamic, color-precise, yet is right display pop; TouchWiz, the stunning, almost like paper, is far from the description of the chart, videos are too high; some opportunity here has been reduced. How does that make the Samsung panel displays the maximum effort and pay testament to resources, even more than the Galaxy Note 4. QHD setup. I really can not say enough good things about this panel, so only the appropriate details will relay: Galaxy S6 1,440 X with a 5.1in Quad HD resolution and a pixel density of 576ppi 2,560 uses the Super AMOLED display.

Review Samsung Galaxy S6: TouchWiz and operating system

Galaxy S6 is excellent and well executed outside the box and benefits optimisations and tweaks, the Android Lollipop running course. Most of Android handsets running pretty damn easy these days, but it's clear that some firms - particularly better pack their software with HTC and Samsung - Google's world-beating mobile OS. Sense and TouchWiz both a smooth liquid is generally only come with the same level of performance that was reserved for iPhones these days.

I recently tested a HTC M9 and lacking As an upgrade from the previous year's model. Because I could not do anything to get excited about really was part of the reason, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 just the opposite, there's almost too much going on here - everything tweaked and updated made, it should be noticed how much this experience, which is a flagship experience to feel totally different from last year's model, so.

Samsung has done a lot of work TouchWiz. It still looks bloody awesome, mind, but the software already runs more smoothly and multitasking is off the charts carousal - it is extremely fast, and free, unlike some online experience this year in the Android space. The "lean down", has been a long time coming, but while I am glad Samsung has finally listened to our customers, I am angry that I was late to do it in a way that!

Although low, is definitely here. Everything looks and sounds great, almost fresh - despite the fact that God still looks terrible than the Android stock. The cider and sunshine, however, still Samsung Apps, S Voice (you know, Siri alternatives that only six people have ever used) handset, the ship mysteriously plenty of apps, and "presentation of" as the BlinkFeed which is kind of HTC, it is mostly spam sense and you just never open it by accident.

Even though my BIG takeaways,, speed and general performance and reality TouchWiz, stripped down nature of it is still kind of out of the way and let you get on with what you want to do that is. This is a big change from the previous Samsung handsets, and Samsung finally delighted I heard that people have been saying for years asses. This is not correct. Not by a constant Ling. But it is a great rider is shipped on the Galaxy S5.

By and large, though, we knew the worst floods these days is far more subtle and useful beast once TouchWiz, almost as if it is a troubled teen in a pretty well-rounded 20-something. Best of all - - This software automatically to your device to read your web pages do not ask or tilting the device to constantly sign in Samsung Apps, which can be added to the takes up less room, less interference and is one of the worst ideas ever devised for a phone.

Now, Samsung You may finally get around to make it look a little less rubbish.

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 in January 2016, will be free of marshmallow and the new TouchWiz Android

In November 2015 more than one leak, Android phone line-up of marshmallow is done to update the details of the plan published in rapid succession from Samsung to 6.0 - We have repeatedly update Samsung Road see the database entries for the map. By the time of writing this update - November 19 - we've now seen the three leaks a few days, and the latest, while a few changes inlcude, they all continued the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 for a January rollout the point edge, 2016. the image shows a fresh marshmallow will be inaugurated in the month of the latest report comes via PhoneArena which two anonymous sources, Samsung's road map and database.

As of December 2, we were treated to a small leak of marshmallow will look like on the Galaxy S6 of the TouchWiz and Android Android. The combination of a Galaxy S6 captured screenshots, posted on Chinese social network Weibo he was taken down immediately, though they were. Thankfully, SamMobile managed to snatch them before it occurred.

, in fact, and has never offered more aesthetic than ever Samsung.

Review Samsung Galaxy S6: Image - CPU, RAM, GPU and storage

Like everything else in this handset, Samsung has pulled zero punches when it comes to the power unit of the Galaxy S6. Inside you'll find that running with extremely powerful, 64-bit 14nm OctaCore Exynos 7420 CPU RAM of 3GB of any Mali T760 GPU. You're going to give her a surprise beautiful as it was grunt and I expect the results of the handset is the most powerful smartphone ever created for Monster.

The twin-core CPUs (running at a frequency of 2.1GHz and includes a 1.5GHz) which is 7420, why Exynos, we all will eat anything you throw at it. TouchWiz runs smoother than the first, inside a photo and video intensive games run without any hiccups and things like editing Exynos's growth is well taken. Standards tell a similar story, as we did in the performance will not be bored with the show here is zero need for pomp or ceremony; download in the Android space, and this handset comes close to happening. No wonder Samsung is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 built for the next generation!

The most impressive thing about the Galaxy S6 beyond how specific it is, the handset does not feel ostentatious. It's just that it is a very good and efficient manner. Yes, SD- supports forget the pain, but the handset has three storage version (32/64 / 128GB) of storage with free drive is outfitted with 100GB, enough space for even the most pedestrian of low storage version should be more than to play with.

NFC, wireless charging, etc. - Galaxy S6 300 Mbits / sec download, 50 Mbits / sec upload, WiFi 802.11ac a (2X2 MIMO) and Bluetooth 4.0 as well as all the usual bells and meaning of whistles, pussy 6 LTE support - you'd expect to fly a top Android handset. Pound for pound the best rows of the Galaxy S6 specs and hardware we've seen on a phone so far this year is probably present. LG G4 and Galaxy Note 5 could change with the beginning of the end of the year, of course, but now the Galaxy S6 really look, feel and perform like a flagship in every sense of the word.

Review Samsung Galaxy S6: Camera

Comes to imaging technology, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 back in the days when a great pedigree. Galaxy Note 3 imaging unit was exceptional. The Galaxy Note 4, ditto for the Galaxy Alpha is another step forward for the Galaxy S6 no surprise aboard imaging company yet.

This is not a dramatic overhaul of the first; rather, it is only with a few precise shots in the right places, aboard the Galaxy S5, whether the payment (the style a la Apple iPhone) . As a 16MP sensor, cruise, for example, regardless of the setting you are shooting, only this time, which allows it to support the optical image stabilization and finally, more light there are a wide aperture, the better shots.

The results of the tune-up, really very impressive as you can see below.

Live HDR, the quick start mode, accessed via a double tap of the home button, F / 1.9 aperture face with an improved 5MP front camera, and Samsung have already awesome, but simple camera apply make a thoroughly satisfying user experience.

Video, once again, is quite decent and object tracking auto focus, like an array of new features, a first in my experience on a smartphone, as well as the 4K video, 1080P, and shoot less with the benefits to the arch. The only downside of this style is that it can not be used in conjunction with OIS ...

Recommended for best imaging experience on offer to the Galaxy forever Kym were £ 4 pounds, and nothing really use, handset that features equality and for ease of image quality. However, there is a new sheriff in town these days is there, note 4 of the power and one with a little extra power, and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

It still stands as LG G4 setup Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE will be very interesting to see how they compare what is on offer aboard - early Q2, 2015 - Samsung is a good country mile or ahead of the competition in this regard.

Samsung Galaxy S6 review: Battery

QHD panel and battery performance does not go hand in hand, that is the position since day one. I have every QHD device experience so far struggled to get through a night) on a full day (and the city with an amazing battery life and a heavy use. Is no exception to the rule, the Galaxy S6 battery - only a mere 2,550mAh crab -. But just keeps on going and going and going. And even when it wants to conk out, you can eke out a full day's worth the switch and the power saving mode.

The only explanation I can think of is the 7420 CPU Samsung Exynos; it must be a seriously efficient truck driver father. I run out of juice on the handset, HTC One M9, Google Nexus 6 and iPhone 6. No, I never have to worry about unlike with a bar - this is the day. And, in case you manage to max out, you have the power saving mode to save your ass up and running for over 10 hours by the phone system.

The couple are looking at one of its Galaxy S6 with fast charging capabilities - it will go to 70% of men in 30 minutes - and the best actors in the business. Impressed is an understatement; QHD Samsung has proved that it is of course to provide the (detrimentally hurt battery life, you can do without the use of an Exynos CPU).

Review Samsung Galaxy S6: judge

Affected. Very, very impressed. This handset Samsung fans ... are waiting for a real competitor to the Apple iPhone in almost every respect. Samsung Galaxy S6 could be some bad mistakes in the past but all is forgiven because it is easily one of the best handsets ever experienced. The imaging is very good. This is a very good outcome. It looks great. Hell, it even has a decent battery life and a qHD display.

Galaxy S6 and it is this latter point which is very compelling. I have never experienced a QHD handset with decent battery life, even with a huge 3000mAh The + setups. This is a great feature for Samsung and will likely continue to exploit in 2015 with the release of which is given to the most powerful feature of the screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - You that does not need one.

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