Monday, 22 February 2016

Samsung Solid manufacture the screen and Samsung Glaxy S7

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6S and similar cameras And view a support systems similar Not Samsung Glaxy S6 market spreading a month takes only a small, but more phone a new floor out a censored Internet, noisy while now, rumors rumors Glaxy S7 pressure known screen 0 will, Apple's iPhone 6s 0 has in common with a 3D screen, inaddition to surface pressure 0 charging a very fast high-speed charging, High-quality camera scanning the cornea system requirements 0 is not released yet, but this phone is Samsung Glaxy S7 current Samsung Galaxy S6 could be less than ten per cent price, Which means Samsung Glaxy S7 a model depending on 503 dollars from 720 dollars between available system, Samsung Galaxy S6's curved phone that success, as this phone in their patent has obtained a curved stretch the screen to add your efforts can has, This Samsung by Apple for $ 528 million in compensation to an agreement after the Korean company with California companies between further competitive one likely future, The two companies during 2010 to 2012 to get up to a billion dollars in compensation from Apple until the court has decided the fighting has severely cut back later

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