Tuesday, 2 February 2016

WhatsApp has a billion users, and it got there way quicker than Gmail did

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Google's parent company Alphabet Apple to become the world's most valuable company, overtaking, an impressive set of fourth quarter (1 February) reported. On the earnings call, Google's chief executive Sundar Pichai its Gmail email service in the last quarter of the 1 billion monthly active users has reached an important milestone was revealed.
Somewhat Alphabet total revenue lost in the cacophony of a messaging service to reach the milestone had been reported. , WhatsApp, Facebook owned messaging platform, the world's most popular messaging app strengthen its position as one billion monthly active users reached in a blog post that was reported. Facebook Messenger 800 million monthly actives report being not far behind the 860 million monthly active users (pdf) is, with Tencent's QQ Messenger. Gmail, of course, as a standalone mobile app available in the web interface or embedding Google's own messaging app, Hangouts I (originally called GChat), but the alphabet individually for products User data is not reported.
WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum platform that was closing in on 1 billion mark annually in Munich DLD design and technology conference on January 18, saying it was primed to announce. Perhaps what is most striking about the milestone Koum Facebook Post yesterday revealed other metrics (1 February) are. WhatsApp 42 billion messages a day that provides a system of 57 engineers who are responsible for monitoring, a relatively small team. We compete with WhatsApp and engineering teams do not know the exact headcounts Facebook Messenger, but it's similar with access to a product is hard to imagine a leaner team.
WhatsApp's user growth has been phenomenal: just hit the billion mark seven years since its launch. Gmail, by contrast, the same size, it took 11 years to grow the userbase. Facebook Messenger (primarily Facebook chat) that the current 800 million active monthly users to have taken about eight years, starting in 2008 means.
WhatsApp announced at the time that the two firms are increasing their stock when the alphabet and Facebook have been trading jabs at a time is another example. Last week, Mark Zuckerberg cheekily Google trumpet their success was about an AI as Facebook about an imminent breakthrough in AI declared.
Koum and his team for this year's app strategy and a slew of new features are planned. It also for the first time for business, to develop the tools that will be announced in January, service, dropped its $ 0.99 annual fee. This ", conversational UI" These devices, somehow by embracing a shift that will take advantage of chat bots indicated or user interface, the Slack, a Messenger app for the companies, and Finn, a digital assistant Like startups, is being led by the Service is delivered through the communication platform.
WhatsApp beta releases that have come out in a largely buried in the book Jan, an encryption system notification, and video calls, data sharing with developers-have new features like. Beta Test will produce a feature that is no certainty, but its inclusion WhatsApp, offers insight into the thinking of the product team. Integration with Facebook looks like cannibalism, but WhatsApp almost everywhere and, well, is large, the network messenger userbase is mostly in North America.
WhatsApp is more tightly integrated with Facebook so that, the userbase can unlock even more extended. When this happens, WhatsApp is announced as the platform, the service does not have 6 billion people on the planet will be closer to reach.

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