Saturday, 27 February 2016

Windows 10 Devices, New Android Apps Launch: Microsoft Roundup

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Microsoft garage creatives to update the news this week in Redmond range.

Microsoft kicked off in Barcelona, ​​where the 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC) took place the news cycle. No, HP Elite X3 smartphone, unveiled plans for a Windows Mobile handheld 10 unveiled an enterprise audience.

HP Elite X3 smartphone, laptop and desktop that you want to use for business. Regular feature enabled in Windows 10 accessories: a desktop dock lets you connect to an Elite X3 desktop monitors, and powered by a laptop shell mobile phone extender.

MWC 10 partners on Windows PCs and a range of tablets. Huawei brought its first desktop device, hybrid MateBook. The rugged Panasonic Toughpad FZ-F1, and Lenovo Yoga released 510 and 710.

14271 14267.1004 construction work to build for PCs and mobile smartphones: Fast color makes two new Windows Internal received this week. The latter with a built released on February 19, a pair of dual-SIM devices reforms and the introduction of visual voice mail, Microsoft said in a blog post.

PC 14271 can build comes with many improvements, but there are a few issues worth mentioning: Some PCs when frozen or bluescreen will come out of hibernation, Windows Live Mail and crash older apps like Expression Encoder 4, and some security programs (Kaspersky Anti-virus, Internet security, Kaspersky total security Suite) can not work because of a driver problem.

On the mobile front, Microsoft purchase Xamarin, cross-platform authentication is a company focused on mobile app development. The two companies are longtime partners and first began their collaboration in 2013.

Xamarin is iOS, Android, Android, Mac and enables C # programming language capable of fully mobile app to use to create apps across platforms, including Windows. Microsoft can use its tools and talent to expand its mobile offerings across different devices.

Microsoft garage, free week.Sprightly implemented new business applications for Android, a marketing-focused app, it's easy catalogs, flyers, or make pricelists like to create promotional materials. Kaizala team communication tracks with group or private chat, and manage resources such as time and billing.

When the keyboard, a new, Android offering, so you have to do to make you more efficient by placing related apps on the screen to switch between them. For example, if you need to send a document, the app will allow you to select from an Office 365 app while you are writing a text message.

On a related note, Microsoft has also confirmed it will kill the Astoria project. The original plan was to make it easier for developers to create Windows, Android apps and port them. Windows moment for iOS, aka Project Islandwood, is still ongoing.

iPhone and iOS updates Word, Excel integration, storage box on the iPad, and PowerPoint. Microsoft announced Windows 10 Power BI phone and reportscan be viewed on mobile devices; capacity on its way to Android smartphones.

As for the court heard, has expressed its support for the fight against Apple Microsoft FBI. In a hearing this week, President and Chief Legal Officer will file a brief in Brad Smith said the company official Apple share his argument in favor of next week. Recent updates indicate Facebook and letters will be filing briefs with Microsoft.

Legal action by the founder, partner and former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates seems less firm in its stance on the issue

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