Monday, 15 February 2016

You can now watch Hulu on your Windows 10 device

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You always multiple other mobile devices, see Hulu on your PC or Mac, or for that matter. Now streaming service using Windows 10 as the launch pad, wants to integrate deeply.
This does not mean that it will be the most accessible of the previous methods, it adds another option for users of the service.
As of 11.22.63 Stephen King, for a limited time, and it appears to a customer, X February 21st to 15th boxes will be available, including Hulu Plus users, comes with an additional Is. Now, this is an event for you to watch, but it will be an eight-part series.
It also has some interesting integration. Microsoft does Cortana says "Hulu's new app works beautifully with live tiles and Windows 10 features an adaptive, responsive layout features. Hulu app on Windows 10 universal voice search app available only through Cortana version of Hulu today uses ".
Some will say that such a merger "Hey, Cortana. Hollow Sleepy Hollow Play". It also supports the Live Tiles can be pinned to the Start menu.
It has been created as a new universal app, and users can choose from an abundance of Hulu shows readily available. No matter what your tastes, you can likely find something to watch.

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