Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween 2015: Elkhart County trick-or-treat times, haunted houses, weather forecast, last minute costume ideas and more

Here’s a look at Halloween trick-or-treat times, the weather forecast, open haunted houses, last minute costume ideas and more for Elkhart County and the surrounding area 1. TRICK OR TREAT TIMES FOR ELKHART COUNTY, MICHIANA
Wondering when and where to let little ghouls and goblins trick or treat around the area? Times to ring doorbells and get free candy are listed in the story linked above.
And if your kids are going to be trick or treating in the area, be sure to follow the safety tips listed below — and bring an umbrella. 2. RAINY WEATHER PREDICTED FOR HALLOWEEN
Did you know that over the past 10 years, our area has seen rain on Halloween 70 percent of the time? Well, this year isn’t looking like it will be any different.
Though it’s not expected to be too cold, rain is expected during the day and into the evening.
But hey, at least it’s not snow — right?3. HOW TO KEEP TRICK-OR-TREATERS SAFE ON HALLOWEEN
Sure, trick or treating should be all fun, games and free candy — but unfortunately, there are some safety hazards that come with sugar-crazed, costumed little ones running around in dark, sometime unfamiliar neighborhoods.
Check out the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department’s tips for staying safe on Halloween night in the story linked above. 4. WHERE ARE MICHIANA’S HAUNTED HOUSES?
Looking for a thrilling way to celebrate Halloween? Check out one of Michiana’s haunted houses or Halloween theme parks, which feature some of the area’s most spine-chilling attractions. 
5. QUICK, EASY COSTUME IDEAS it Halloween already? No worries — procrastinating on your costume idea is no problem with these super easy, do-it-yourself costume ideas that require absolutely no sewing. 
And a bonus — one of them even has an umbrella built in

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