Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Warriors coach Walton's Benz stolen in Bay Area crime spree

His team hasn't lost a game this season, but former player, filling in for Steve Kerr, reportedly suffered a rather expensive loss in a rather scary run of crimes

he Golden State Warriors have yet to lose a game this season, and now stand on the verge of history. But according to a report coming out of the Bay Area on Monday night, their coach suffered a rather expensive loss in what is becoming a serious crime spree in the area.

NBC Bay Area reported late Monday that a Mercedes-Benz owned by Warriors interim head coach Luke Walton was stolen last week, part of an Oakland Hills crime spree that has included a violent attack of a 75-year-old woman and a home burglary in the affluent Montclair area.

According to the report, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley said that Walton’s car was stolen last Tuesday by two suspects, who police believe also attacked the elderly woman outside her home two days later before stealing her car.

In all, according to the report, four crimes are attributed to the spree. Two people were arrested on Friday according to the report, but a home was burglarized later that night after the arrests. The fourth crime was the theft of another Mercedes-Benz on Friday night.

"I'm angry people feel they can come into the hills and take what's not theirs," Carolyn Winter, an area resident who had a vehicle stolen told CSN Bay Area. "We've had three this week in a period of a few days and so clearly they are surveying the neighborhood, which is also disturbing,"

Walton has been coaching in place of Steve Kerr, who has yet to be on the bench this season after a pair of offseason back surgeries.

The defending NBA champions are 15-0, tied for the best start in NBA history. Golden State can become the first team ever to win its first 16 games with a victory over the Lakers at home on Tuesday.

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