Thursday, 17 December 2015

'Halo Reach' And 'Fable III' Join New Backwards Compatible Games On Xbox One

From Deus Ex: Human Revolution to the infamous Kane & Lynch 2, a whole bunch of new titles are now playable on Xbox One.

Halo: Reach and Fable III also join the catalog.

These Xbox 360 games join an already fairly long list of backwards compatibility titles on the system. Chances that your old Xbox 360 games will play on your Xbox One keep going up.

Here are all the new games joining that list today:

· Braid


· Doritos Crash Course

· Fable III

· Halo: Reach

· Hydro Thunder

Iron Brigade

· Kane & Lynch 2

· Motocross Madness


· Peggle

· Portal: Still Alive

· Spelunky

· Splosion Man

· Ticket to Ride™

· Zuma’s Revenge!

According to Microsoft, backwards compatibility has been a big hit on the Xbox One. Players have logged 9 million hours on Xbox 360 games since November 12th.

The most popular games so far have been Fallout 3, Gears of War 3, Just Cause 2, Assassin’s Creed II and DiRT 3. I guess gamers are brushing up on earlier installments of ongoing franchises with recent releases, which makes sense.

You can vote on which Xbox 360 titles you’d like to see on Xbox One here.

Are any of you playing your old games on your new system? Shout out your experiences, complaints, hopes, and so forth in the comments.

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