Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Festivus!

We get it now: Donald Trump isn’t actually that grumpy. He’s just been celebrating Festivus for the last several months (or decades). Huh. We had no idea he was so devout. As for his latest aired grievance? It’s with PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year Award, which he received for telling multiple whoppers. Trump says he never lied about anything (it’s hard to when you’re always right) and that PolitiFact would turn facts like “the sky is blue” into lies if certain people uttered them.

Speaking of religious freedom: Six Republican candidates, including Ted Cruz but not Donald Trump, have pledged to sign the First Amendment Defense Act in their first 100 days in office – because, you know, aside from ISIS and the economy, this is totes a priority. Proponents say the act is necessary to protect people who believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. Critics, including quite a few conservatives, say it’s just a way to legislate discrimination against gay couples.

Back to grievances: Bernie Sanders has one for the Democratic National Committee. He told the Des Moines Register that the party is purposefully scheduling debates on Saturday nights, when no one is watching, to keep exposure for Sanders and Martin O’Malley to a minimum. On the bright side, Saturday’s debate was the most-watched non-sports Saturday program in nearly four years. Then again, the most recent Republican debate attracted more than twice the viewers.

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