Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People With Fake Baby Names for Saint West

In light of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby name announcement Monday, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live sent his team to the California streets to garner reaction from bystanders on the choice. 
In an expected twist from the late-night jokester, the interviewer never reveals the baby boy's real name—Saint West. Instead, he asks the individuals their thoughts on a variety of ludicrous names, including Kia Sorrento, Keurig, and Fastest Gun in the West. While Kardashian has garnered a reputation for granting her children with unique titles, these made-up monikers might be a little too out there even for the famous family. 
As has become typical of Kimmel's Lie Witness News segments, the people lied right through their teeth, claiming they saw that very name trending on social media. 
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"I see a lot of things on Instagram about it. A lot of memes, stuff like that," one woman claimed vaguely. While she couldn't specify where precisely she first heard the announcement, she had nothing for support for Kia Sorrento West. 
"I like that it's different. Who else can come up with a name like that and get away with it? Nobody but Kanye," she argued.
Another man, who also claimed to see the name going viral on the Internet, was surprisingly pleased with the coffee-turned-Kardashian moniker Keurig Kardashian West.
"I think it's pretty wild. Keurig has already become a household name for our coffee products, but now being an actual child's name, they can do whatever they want," he said. "I heard about it on Facebook, all over Instagrams. It's trending worldwide." Hmm, you sure about that?
After claiming to talk about the new name "Fastest Gun in the West" with his friends on the ride there, one final commenter offered some advice to the newest member of the famous reality clan.

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