Thursday, 3 December 2015

New Trailer for Severed on PS Vita is Twisted and Psychedelic

Drinkbox Studios have recently released their latest trailer for their PS Vita video game Severed. Let’s just say that this game is not for children or for those with weak stomachs. This trailer revealed some very gruesome gameplay elements among other things. The COO of Drinkbox Studios, Graham Smith, posted the brand new trailer on PlayStation’s blog


Smith commented on his blog post just what this game is set out to be. He mentions that the game follows the one-armed protagonist Sasha who is on a journey to search for her missing family. This is a very basic story, but a basic story is not necessarily a bad thing. If you do not believe that statement, play a Mario platform game and get back with me. Smith then commented that the protagonist will battle monster after monster and must find a new way to beat each one. The trailer showed Sasha ripping off the limbs of the monsters and using them to level up her abilities. It then showed that Sasha can pick up the monsters carcass and wear it to gain abilities. Smith then finished by saying that the game will have many puzzle elements in it, which appears to be the only civil aspect about the game!


This is one of the most insane and sadistic games that I have ever seen. It appears like this game has RPG elements in it with the leveling up and upgrading. That is not the insane part, though, it is the fact that body parts and dead carcasses are what gives you the upgrades. Who comes up with this stuff? Some gamers will probably eat this up, no pun intended, but others will have an uneasy stomach when traversing through Severed.


As mentioned earlier, this trailer was posted by the COO of Drinkbox on PlayStation’s blog. Near the bottom of the page, there is a comment section. After scrolling down for a few seconds, it is revealed that many are actually excited for this game. Some gamers have interesting tastes and love the idea of crushing off limbs and all the blood that is involved. However, there are also some that are excited for the core gameplay elements involved in Severed.

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