Friday, 25 December 2015

Steam had a major glitch that gave users access to each others' accounts

Steam, the online market for PC games, is experienced a major glitch on Friday.
Steam users who logged in were getting access to other users' accounts. We've also seen reports on social media that some people were able to make purchases with other users' credit cards.
In fact, simply visiting the Steam store website gave anyone access to another user's account. Valve, the company that runs Steam, shut down the store within an hour after the glitch hit. The store was operational again about an hour later.
It's unclear what the cause is, and we're still waiting to hear an official explanation from Valve. The company has not shared any updates on social media.
There's been speculation on Twitter and elsewhere that the hacker group Lizard Squad, which took down the Xbox and PlayStation online gaming networks during Christmas last year, is responsible for the Steam glitch. Other hacker groups have claimed responsibility, but it's unclear how legitimate those claims are.
Think of Steam as the App Store for PC games. Users can store their credit card info and purchase games for download to their PC. Steam has over 125 million active users, making it the largest PC game market in the world.

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