Friday, 25 December 2015

The Raiders honored Charles Woodson with a special trick play, a win, and a celebration in his last home game

Charles Woodson's time in Oakland at the Coliseum has come to an end. His season and his 18-year career are almost over as well, so the Raiders sent him off in a heroic fashion during his last home game.

Attempting to provide Woodson with the exclamation point to his Hall of Fame career, the Raiders designed an offensive play for him—essentially a walk off play—in the red zone on 1st and goal. The run/pass option for Woodson could have given the Raiders a touchdown but resulted in a loss of yards instead. it was his first NFL carry.

Nevertheless, it was the Raiders defense that ended up securing the victory by stopping the San Diego Chargers on fourth down.

And although an overtime victory over a division rival on Christmas eve was important, the spotlight after securing the win on defense went to Woodson, as players and media surrounded the cornerback hoping to get a few words during his last game at the Coliseum.

Woodson mentioned his family and his career for a brief moment, but focused much of his attention to the fans, reassuring the fans in Oakland that they are in great leadership and that they team will be great sooner rather than later.

And as he bid farewell to the fans in Oakland, he corralled them one last time for a chant, "Raaaaaideerrrrs!" Canton will be calling you soon, Charles Woodson.

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