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Apple's iPhone 7: Everything we know so far

Apple's upcoming Phone 7 very well, yet we have seen the most radical redesign of the phone can represent. IPhone 7 will not only likely playing a new form factor, the device completely doing away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack point, there are a number of rumors.

Of course, the phone (an 'S' upgrade opposition) refresh cycle, a number that will be upgraded, seeing as how it was forced Phone 7 will introduce a wide array of new features that stands to reason.

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With the rumor mill is already in full swing, the last few months we've seen in the spring to life all the exciting iPhone has compiled a list of 7 rumors. Apple's plans are subject to change certainly, those interesting features list below can look forward to later this year looking to upgrade and secure a reasonable approximation.

1. No headphone jack

Without question, the most startling Phone 7 design change may be the lack of a headphone jack. After a crazy rumor by a number of different sources have been confirmed as started. According to reports, Apple completely conventional 3.5mm headphone jack will be removed and instead rely on the audio port for the Lightning. This allows for a thin phone, would not only safe place to do so, but will improve the overall sound quality. One day last week, the company reported iPhone 7 "phones that will plug into the headphones that will be baked in" audio system, a new noise canceling technology will leverage ", and remove background noise Claiming that will help in music playback and phone calls ... "

The only question, though, Apple is abandoning the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, so how big is the reaction will be? Users protest and take their wallets elsewhere, or Apple finally abandoned the legacy technology like the other events, will blow over with time.

2. Waterproof design

headphone jack by eliminating one of the advantages to the iPhone platform is easy. Creep in and wreak havoc with water to the circuitry after all, it is a little harbor. During the last few weeks, we iPhone 7 will be completely dust and waterproof rating of IP68 and very well could come up with a report that is seen. If it pans out, can withstand submersion under water at great depths 7 and still after the fact will be able to work swimmingly.

3. New Form Factor

While there will be the same as. Indeed, every major iPhone upgrade (iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6) The new design elements incorporated and iPhone 7 will be any different there is no reason to think that. 6S and 6S plus a safe bet Phone 7 phone will be even thinner.

4. Wireless Charging

By companies like Samsung smartphones that wireless charging for some time as though, Apple alleged, wireless charging is not new in the world, we should point out Phone 7. Apple bandwagon will jump to watch how Apple is charged.

5. Big Battery

To prolong battery life, some phone users has been a sore spot. The customers using their phones loves shows as courses, this is arguably a good problem. In particular, the iPhone battery with 7 Plus Model 3100 M can be attended. In contrast, the iPhone 6S plus battery 2750 mAh battery. If this translates into longer battery life, for people upgrading can be a strong stimulus.

6. Enhanced images with dual camera

IPhone we still have not heard too much about 7 camera, but Apple recently unearthed patent on the active implementation of two different camera modules that shows. Overall details when zooming in to do just to improve the overall quality of the camera will not help, but the image quality will improve. In the event of a forced, at the same time and in regular 4K video requires the ability to record two types slow.

We also returned to Apple in April, links computational imaging, incredibly advanced camera technology acquired an Israeli company that should point out. As we highlighted a few months back, links, links to some of the other features of the camera technology provides improved low light photography is included ". Slim handsets led the way for DSLR performance as" He touted the cameras and decreased noise levels.

7. The more RAM

Unfortunately, the rumored iPhone only about 7 Plus. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of the leading, Apple RAM, 3GB, then the company's phone line 6S up by 2GB of RAM found in the iPhone with a slight bump will give 7 Plus. While this rumor to be true is a 50-50 shot, it was widely Phone 7 models will ship with 2GB of RAM is believed that.

8. 256GB storage

More than ever 4K video and high quality images, for iPhone users, able to come up with today, are in need of different storage options.

For this purpose, rumor alone iPhone 7 Plus (do you notice a pattern here?) Is that it can be joined with a 256GB model. The 128GB capacity in the phone check, is still standing.

Blazing fast and power-efficient processor 9 A10.

With each successive release of the phone, Apple a lot of processor performance and power management for improved performance. Being the case, the iPhone 7 will house a blazing-fast processor A10 is reasonable to assume that.

Thus far we have seen some rumors simultaneous phone 6S relative power consumption by 40% while reducing A10 20% performance boost that will provide suggested. Large capacity battery pack (see above) together with, the iPhone 7 model is really a remarkable uptick in battery performance can be expected that will provide.

10. The release date

IPhone 4S 2011 hit the shelves in the store, every new phone is launched sometime in the fall. In 2016, Apple decided to switch things can. This past November, according to an AppleInsider report, Apple sometime during the summer may release its next-gen phone model.

A number of reasons for this, of course, does not seem very likely. Apple under pressure to increase holiday sales quarter this year. We also produce the iPhone 7 in time for a summer launch ramp was being seen more components will leak at this point.

Features rumored to be unlikely

No home button. Perhaps in the future Apple will implement a design like 2016 will be the year that we have not seen any real indication of the home button disappearing
An OLED display. OLED displays rumors surrounding Apple's interest to become too loud to ignore. Still, this feature displays the phone 7 is said to expect early in the game. We have not heard from yet, an OLED display is equipped with a phone call in 2018 will not become a reality until 8 ships.
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