Thursday, 28 January 2016

Greene County reports first Confirmed Case of Flu in 2016

Flow down from this time last year are remarkable. Green County have seen their first confirmed case. Green County last year confirmed flu cases over the years was between.

Center Findley, Greene County Health Department administrator with the Community Health and Epidemiology, so for them it was a bad flu season, last year, more than 2500 in Green County, as she saw the flu.

However, Greene County Health Department, the current year is much better. CDC Findley's really more of a normal flu season, as seen in the flu season, last year was actually an anomaly.

Health Department so far this season, the Green County at the same time last year over 1800, where the flu has received only one confirmed case.

Findley is considered this year, they have only now started reporting cases, and the number is very shocking mention that. Pharmacist this year on an improved flu vaccine is given credit for the difference.

Grove Pharmacy Pharmacist with Jennifer Essary, when they did, they actually guessing game when it next year, they are moving away from historical figures to start at about this time of year are starting Flu vaccines are prepared ", he said, but the virus mutate so that" every year is always hard to get it right. Essary strains this year they will be out there thinks that a better idea worked.

However, he / she has not already been a blow that does not mean the vaccine.

Essary normal flu season at the beginning of March, at the end of February is the peak. In this case people have not gotten their flu shot early in April is likely to go all the way, he must get.

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