Friday, 22 January 2016

iPhone 6c? Nah, Try iPhone 5se (Yep)

It is time for the phone to rumors, because, encouragement, get Apple aficionados! And afuah- debunking! And the introduction of new rumors!
There has been a lot of talk recently of an alleged video, including a new 4-inch iPhone that many have called "phone 6C." Only, 9to5mac talking to some intelligence sources say that the video is totally fake. The apple ", 5se" short a "phone 6C," but will not release a new version of the iPhone 5S is proposed that the "better 5S."
As always, a healthy dose of skepticism to take any and all iPhone rumors. This latest batch, the iPhone 5S Apple iPhone 7 5se it can be worked on will have design elements will look a lot like the iPhone that claim, nor as (Apple smartphone will strip away the headphone jack) is rumored to be doing.
An 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera on the new iPhone, allegedly as iPhone 6 will have the same camera. Health app to track will be able to use a barometer that will have a height-just like the iPhone 6 and also otherwise the CPU / GPU and the movement known as, the A8 and M8 will come with chips respectively coprocessor ,. And Apple is also a no-brainer for any new mobile device, which is also at Apple, will work with will have an NFC chip.
Phone 5se successor to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S will borrow some features. This allegedly Bluetooth 4.2 and Voice over LTE same 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip and will come with support. It also supports iPhone 6S will feature live Photos, though, it will not have 3D touch. Apparently, the same color as your phone 6S 5se the iPhone will be able to take: Gold, silver, gold, or rose gray space.
5se phone comes with a bar, the Apple official is likely that the iPhone 5 will disconnect iPhone 5se Apple in "small-sized" will become the new standard for IP phones. 7 Once the iPhone, the Apple smart phones as the primary phone 5se, phone 6S, and iPhone 7, leaving the iPhone 6 will signal that the death is possible. Apple a small phone, an older (and cheaper) iPhone, and an expensive, flagship phone offers.
Current rumors Apple will announce the phone 5se or, at least, the new iPhone at the Apple Store with a second-generation Apple March suggest that the $ 699.99 you can see.

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