Friday, 29 January 2016

Microsoft Q2 Buoyed By Azure, Office 365 Gains

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 cloud offerings largely inspired by, Q2 2016 to $ 25.7 billion generated in revenue. Phone earnings from the same quarter a year ago, has dropped nearly 50 percent.
Microsoft ended 31 December 2016, its second fiscal quarter, revenue for the announced $ 25.7 billion in 2015. The company continued currency, earnings per share of $ 0.78 in earnings driven.
Numbers beat expectations. Analysts Redmond same period a year earlier to $ 26.5 billion from $ 25.3 billion, a decrease reported sales forecast, and $ 0.71 earnings per share.

This level lineup for Q2 was a strong quarter earnings, mainly driven by growth in the cloud and Office 365. Smart phones and Windows OEM sales decline were the main areas.

Microsoft to implement the change in the financial reporting structure by starting the 2016 fiscal year. The productivity services, cloud, and Windows / devices focused on three distinct business units revenue breaks down. Each division is broken down quarters here's how:

Productivity and Business Process
Office and Dynamics, which distribute it over the years due to currency fluctuations decreased 2% year represents $ 6.7 billion, generated. Constant currency, increased 5% distribution.

Year-over-year increase of almost 70% Office 365, which proceeds from the constant currency revenue growth in this division accounted for. Cloud-based Office productivity suite users extend to 20.6 million in Q2.

The company's quarterly earnings call, CEO Satya Nadella Development Office acknowledged on rival platforms. iOS and Android, Skype has more than 900 million downloads, he said, and Office applications in Q2 surpassed 340 million downloads.

The quarter when measured in constant currency revenue increased 11 percent year over year, where Dynamics, brought significant changes. Dynamics CRM customers are deployed in three-quarters of the cloud, Nadella said.

Intelligent cloud
Intelligent cloud server such as Windows Server and Azure's products and services encompasses.

Q2 consistently been a strong source of revenue for the company which focus on the cloud Nadella, continues to reflect strength. Intelligent cloud division revenue $ 5.9 billion in the same quarter a year earlier, to hit $ 6.3 billion, an increase of 5 percent. Constant currency, revenue grew 11 percent.

Azure Azure premium services revenue tripled from a year earlier, with revenues of 140% in constant currency sky. Cloud services and server products saw a 10% increase in revenue.

More than a third of Fortune 500 companies have adopted Microsoft's enterprise mobility solutions, company number nearly tripled, indicating a year-over-year, reported.

"Enterprise cloud is massive opportunity," Nadella place as described, earnings call, said: "We have never participated in any major market."

More Personal Computing
Windows, hardware, search, and gaming segment containing 5% decline year over year (down 2% at constant currency), marking the revenue pulled in $ 12.7 billion. OEM revenues fell 5 percent but still came out ahead in a struggling PC market.

For more personal computing division revenue increased income levels. The sales of $ 1.35 billion, the best quarter to date was level. Pro 4's release and remove the surface income.

Mobile segment, as expected, as the quarter did not have much success. Phone earnings year-over-year 49% toppled, the company implemented in July 2015, reflecting a change in strategy, announced.

Windows 10 over 200 million devices this quarter, Nadella said. Twenty million enterprise and teaching assistants have upgraded to the new OS.

Income was looking. With more and more people communicate as Cortana, now built into the Windows 10 desktop, using the Bing search service. Search engines now because Windows 10 and Cortana engage in large part, is more than 21% of the search market share.

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