Sunday, 17 January 2016

Microsoft says new processors will only work with Windows 10

Skylake Windows 7 and Intel platforms beginning with 8.1, will not be updated for future processors
and new rules mean that the next generation of PC Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm processors, owners will need to use Windows 10.

Old pcs brand-new operating system to lose the minimum requirements is not always, but in this case, the opposite is happening. Older versions of Windows, Microsoft and its partners to work with the new hardware will be required to put in the work. Older operating systems, at best, merely the latest updates will decline. At most, they may not work properly.

"The new generations of silicon are introduced as support to move forward, they will need the latest Windows platform," Microsoft notes in a blog post published on Friday. "Intel's upcoming Windows 10 'Kaby Lake, silicon, Qualcomm's upcoming' 8996 'silicon, and AMD's upcoming' Bristol Ridge, silicon will only support Windows platform."

This new policy Windows 7 and 8.1 are no longer supported in general does not mean. Two operating systems respectively, on January 14, 2020 and January 10, 2023 will continue to receive updates through. But it was contemporary with the operating system you are using hardware that is just in case.

For existing PC owners, please note Description Skylake known as Intel's current, sixth-generation processors, some of the older versions of Windows will not support is the first. (Intel and Microsoft platform and Windows 10 was designed for a second to say.) Microsoft is phasing in the policy.

To guarantee the stability of hardware and software to update the company behind the leading enterprise customers, to, Microsoft, Windows 7 through July 17 and 8.1 is guaranteed to get the support systems that passed Skylake

will be. " Broadwell support the previous generation of Intel processors known as, and those chips are also widely available - companies and consumers, of course, still Skylake Intel platform or other modern CPUs that do not use older You can buy the PC hardware.

They no longer very expensive for past versions of Windows software updates are on the hook for up - - policy not only to Microsoft's hardware partners, but it also sees the company as the operating system Windows 10 . Microsoft is pushing Windows helps adapt the "final" version, now it's a service, a product, and that better reflects this change. A current version of Windows is not only, and Microsoft will fullfill its obligations while legacy hardware, it will not expending resources to users of the latest and greatest to help steer clear.

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