Friday, 22 January 2016

Search Deal with Apple Shows Google’s Mobile Vulnerability

In its first annual report to public shareholders, Google in 2005 issued a warning that still rings true: Company non-PC communication devices "is not for the technology, we have an increasingly important part of a major will fail to capture part of the market for online services, "Google said.
By 2014, mobile phones, Google's most profitable fast service, online search has become the main method was to reach. But high-income smart phone owners disproportionately phones Apple Inc. did so.
This year, Google on these devices as the default search engine to pay Apple $ 1 billion, an attorney for Oracle Corp. said during a court hearing on January 14, Bloomberg News reported Thursday. Hearing Oracle and Google, Alphabet, Inc. between a unit was part of a long-running legal dispute
Profitable online payment services as an access point to the importance of smartphones.
Representatives of the three companies declined to comment.
Soon after the 2005 report, Google Android, earned more than a billion users, the world's largest mobile operating system built in.
First, the Android as a hedge againstMicrosoft Corporation was created in 2007 after the start of the call to Apple devices while maintaining a foothold, Google's attention, the Android phone via Moved to deliver services.
At the hearing on January 14, Oracle lawyer Android, according to Bloomberg, $ 31 billion in revenues and $ 22 billion in profit is generated. It is not clear, but probably earnings figures, Android users from ads appearing online store for apps and media, as well as income from sales through Google includes part. Apple's revenue is not to give a piece of such ads, Google Android phones are more beneficial.
Android, without access to Google device makers and others will have to pay a lot of tax.
"Android, Google on their phones as it is the first place to go to ask questions, make sure to find one that gives the edge," Andreas Gal, Mozilla Corporation, maker of the Firefox web browser, former chief technology officer said. "They build their own mobile operating system, which is why billions of dollars in investment."
Marketers Google, Google search results, the user clicks on an ad, Google, Apple to pay when due. Goldman Sachs, Google's mobile search advertising revenue, approximately $ 8.9 billion in 2014, about 75%, came from Apple devices that estimate.
Google also removed most user questions and answers to improve the data it wants to use it.
"The answer to that clicks the better because you find and click on the result every time, you help Google's ranking results," explains Mr. gallon. "Google to find these deals is why many plays."
In Mozilla, Mr. Gallon Google Firefox browser default search providers Mozilla nearly $ 300 million in three years, paying a similar deal, helped negotiate.
Google Apple Safari Web browser for iPhones default search engine. But delves into Apple's apps for relevant information that turning the phone into a search tool, to reduce its dependence on Google's been moved.
Apple's App Store offers more than one million apps and mobile devices for free has handled more than 100 billion. App content and activities that window Chris Maddern, according to co-founder of app discovery startup button, Google's leadership in search of Apple to limit the opportunity.
The latest version of Apple's iOS mobile operating system users a "spotlight" in the search box allows keyword. View Apple's own map directory, business listings in the Apple calendar entries, like the Yelp apps, links to digital content in the iTunes Store, as well as e-mails and messages that contain keywords links. Web, many results from Microsoft's Bing search engine has been created.
A search for a local restaurant, OpenTable restaurant reservations links within the app will bring. Users already have a reservation, so its results will appear. App on my phone because I'm choosing "It just works. Google on Apple iOS devices can not replicate," said Mr Maddern.

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