Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Washington Win Secures Romo On The Active Roster For Another Week

mitigated by the fact that every single team in the NFC East is below .500 with four games to play.
“Well, the reason we have not put him on IR is because of the timing of his injury,” Garrett said. “We say whatever it is, eight weeks, there is still season left, so we’ll play that situation out. But we’re all behind Matt and what he’s going to do for our team and we’ll see what happens if we get to that point.”
The Cowboys will need improved play from Cassel if they’re going to even approach that decision. Cassel completed just 16-of-29 passes for 222 yards against the Redskins. He moved the offense into position for a game-winning field goal in the dying moments, but he was erratic for most of the night.
He’ll have a big opportunity to improve on that performance in just five days when Dallas travels to Green Bay.
The prospects aren’t exactly bright for a season that had so much promise. But, having come this far, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones summed up his thought process pretty well in a radio interview with 105.3 The Fan.
“I'm going to back to that old saying: it's an ugly baby, but it's my baby,” he said. “And here we go. Step by step -- I'm talking to you from New York right now. And we'll probably go straight to Green Bay. The bottom line is why not? We can go up there and the defense put together a game like that, a little more confidence in our offense, and here we go. Why not?"
There are plenty of answers to both questions – “why?” and why not?” At the very least, though, the Cowboys are alive to ask them for at least another week.

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