Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Apple Beefs Up GarageBand for iOS, Launches 'Music Memos'

Heads up, music-makers: On Wednesday, Apple will help you to quickly jot, designed to organize the music papers released a new app, and develop your ideas.

Cupertino tech giant today allow you to play Deejay "live loops" which introduced iOS version of GarageBand, and the EDM feature and acoustic virtual session with a new drummer for drummers a "major update" released.

Music for your papers, app if you, any instrument through the phone's built-in microphone record, tag name, and allows you to start building a rate that is "a library of your ideas." Many musicians and songwriters of Cupertino already immediately concepts app to record voice memos using it, but the music papers takes a step further functionality. App rhythm and acoustic guitar and piano chords, analysis and recording can pair them with drums and bass line. It also displays the chords you play a "basic notation" offers.

"The greatest artists, students aspiring musicians around the world to create amazing music using Apple devices, modern music app on the papers immediately, iPhone and iPad when inspiration strikes will help capture their thoughts on "Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, said in a statement. "GarageBand world's most popular music creation app, and update it easily the most powerful features of the new live drummer with Loops and helps tap into his musical talents, and large member on the iPhone 6S Pro Adds support for 3D touch screen and phone 6S Plus. "

Live loops feature lets you create music by "a highly visual grid cells and columns is looped tape devices and artifacts to trigger different," Apple explains. You arrange to perform, and you live loops, remix, and GarageBand "automatically puts all the beats in sync." This can start you in genres ranging from rock to EDM loop designed for Apple comes with a library of templates.

Music papers App Store download is free. Garage Band for iOS 2.1 and new iOS devices with 32GB free bundle, and compatible with the iOS 9 devices or for those is available as a free upgrade. $ 4.99 for everyone to use it will need to pony.

In other music news, Cupertino on Jan 29, according to the recently to9to5Mac all free, ad-supported iTunes radio stations, getting rid of that announcement. After that date, your service to listen to all the radio stations Storesubscription Apple will need an Apple Music $ 9.99.

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