Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Autistic Boy Gains Ability to Speak After Just 2 Days of Cannabis Oil Treatment

Kalel Santiago from Puerto Rico a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma was diagnosed with. He said that for two chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery and survived bearing years. I disabled it from severe autism that he was diagnosed with something permanent.
"While he was in hospital, she could not talk and hand flapping, and like walking on their toes, some behavior that was not true," his father, Abiel Santiago Gomez, told Yahoo News. "3 and cancer-free, he had to look at his behavior, but as long as we were waiting."
According to Yahoo, "he and his wife, Gladys - The two older boys, 18 and 20 parents - educate themselves in the cram course on autism. He tried different schools and treatment and finally A unique surf near his home therapy with school success was impressive. "
CBD oil: Finally, the Santiago family stumbled upon the true power and potential cure.
A fundraising program, they were able to receive a small bottle of oil. Kalel the oral dose given twice a day.
Within two days, he finally was able to speak. "The head, AEIOU he surprised us in school. It was the first time," said Abiel. "For the first time you hear the sound of the kalel, we can not imagine the feelings. It was amazing. teacher recorded and sent it to my wife and me and we're doing is using CBD only different thing, well said. "
Soon after, they sound like her parents never thought possible, too, began to use the correct characters.
"He said, I love my mother, '' said AMO MI Mama, 'said Abiel." I [CBD oil producers] do not know how to thank you. "
Kalel story from the hemp oil and full support for marijuana legalization is a piece of evidence piled up on the mountain. As many people as possible to share it with

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