Thursday, 21 January 2016

Apple says it has helped create over a million European jobs

The company in Italy has announced its new App Development Center and the app economy, the impact of the European Employment data revealed previously unseen as Apple's relationship with Europe, the sharp morning.
the opportunity
The European tax authorities, the company in the region owes much to consider tax issues as claims on the job is interesting to note. Apple with more than one million jobs across Europe helped claimed to have created.
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App Economy jobs published this morning were in the Progressive Policy Institute.
PPI chief economic strategist Dr. Michael Mandel wrote: "Apple App Store opened in July 2008, works as an app economy was no such thing. No employer posting ads or iOS, Android developers looking for wanted to do, a mobile app coders, was talking about the lack of. It's astonishing growth of smartphone usage, paralleling generators job market an incredibly rapid change, has been. "
Apple's own figures, 209,000 in Germany, in France, in the Netherlands, with 163,000 and 96,000, 242,000 in the UK alone claims to have brought app economy jobs.
App Economy
Now a pinch of salt (I) can take their claims, but Apple also claims direct employment to 6,500 in the UK. How many people get early access to the OS and to add $ 99 per year for the payment to Apple fans although it is difficult to estimate, 646,000 registered developers in the UK is quoted.
What is most important is the bottom line: European developers App sales, Apple claims € 10.2 billion (over $ 11 billion dollars) have earned. In fairness, we sell Apple app that receives 30 percent of revenues should note.
"As of January 2016, the Government (1.2 million jobs) in the app economy, 75 per cent of workers belong to the iOS ecosystem is evaluated. This iOS specific jobs as well as iOS and other platforms includes a combination of employment, "Dr. Mandel sees.
Apple is not unique: the Android app also accounts for 75 percent of the economy, the PPI. In contrast, only 9% of their character Windows Phone / Mobile Accounts Blackberry accounts for 6 percent. Many of these developers (explained here), work across multiple platforms, which reflect real-world conditions.
Rapid growth
The mobile app economy did not exist just a few years ago is remarkable to note that. This extraordinary growth has been enormous impact of the digital transition, which is a reflection of reality. This game is not about creating entertainment experiences out incredibly special for mobile business solutions, including a range. Incredibly - - fast - the rate of change incredibly similar data in 2015 claimed 530,000 App Economy jobs - today there are 1.2 million.
This is the point.
PPI report (and yourself) as mobile connected intelligence office, home, car, health, infrastructure, energy, ever more parts of daily life proliferates throughout and beyond will continue rapid growth imagining. For this opportunity to enable their population, governments learn the skills necessary to participate in change, we should encourage. Shamefully, the British government student funding once again this week by cutting youth in Britain to take such a step disincentivized. Britain's economy for future generations will pay for the mistake.
Announced this morning, the first European in Naples Apple iOS App Development Centre, Italy iOS app development by offering practical skills training app to help stimulate the economy.
"Europe in the world is home to some of the most creative developers and entrepreneurs in Italy's next generation skills they need to achieve success are excited to help," Tim Cook, Apple's CEO said.
Apple's European relations even Apple's products are used in sophisticated equipment which Magnetization of Italy Laboratorio Elettrofisico, to (iOS device chips, which are based on the reference design) UK arm , component design covers.
Apple's strong relationship with Europe is a contribution to the national economy will be seen as sufficient as to whether it is an open question, whether or additional tax is due.

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