Monday, 18 January 2016


The couple in the world, a son, welcomed St. West. After what was a difficult pregnancy, reduce or even alleged that an IUD implanted tubes are connected to each other to prevent pregnancy is to be decided.
This is reportedly one who wanted to leave the option open for Kanye, did not sit well with.
"Kanye to her body she is so upset about the future of children should not be a permanent judge thinks," a source told Radar Online.
Kim Kardashian will be the last of the pregnancy is sticking to its position. Reduce the weight and struggle with the disease during pregnancy as it was very open about his troubles as well, because there may be.
In October, the lower the pregnancy was going on about how terrible complaint.
"I am truly observing: For me, pregnancy is the most experienced of my life! LOL I do not enjoy the moment and enjoy it people do not understand" Kardashian's, 34, Monday, October 5. "written."
They only during or after pregnancy that you do not tell the whole things ", added. You basically have to wear a diaper for two months, you know? LOL! No, I said it ! #SoSexy. "
The lower the face of high media attention was particularly difficult.created a situation where.
"It swelling, backaches or extension of your body and how that fits is full mindf-," he continued. "I'm not in my own skin as I always do."
Kanye West reportedly still room for a child wants to leave, the source told Radar Online.
"He wants to continue growing family and they think the Beavers 'outside creeped'," the source says.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian divorce rumors they have suffered is not the first time. In fact, the couple and their relationship dating back to before he got married, that is broken, has been plagued by the persistent reports. Kanye lower than the "drug" behavior and St. Kanye West walked out on the family claim that was created with another report that was fed during pregnancy were not reported.
Life & Style magazine report, which came at the time about the behavior of his face Categories Kanye had to fight the couple claimed that a blowout. Kanye his pregnant wife to the support or maintenance of the Northwest than in his time was spent working on the album says

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