Monday, 18 January 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Coming Soon? Here’s What the Rumor Mill Is Saying

In late February, as soon as possible and - according to reports, the Korean phone maker Galaxy S, Android smartphones in its 2016 suit once the plan is to start.

Samsung's upcoming flagship phone for you to develop, we called "S7" meatiest rumors around smartphone is believed to be gross. So, read below and in short order you get ready to trade in S6.

Galaxy S, Galaxy S side, the Galaxy S Bank

The smartphone Intel source evleaks achieved by "leaks" branding information Samsung Two curved screen S7 variations to release plans indicates that - a traditional, flat-screen Galaxy S7 handset - with edge and S7 edge.

This suite of models from Samsung, but for months, once all of these devices can be introduced with the difference being that, a year ago S6 Samsung's line-up matches.

For screen size, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 news website along both Samsung mobile standard 5.1-inch display is reporting that will be packed. S7 side, the site says, will have a large 5.5-inch screen - curved, of course.


In terms of what, word on the street Galaxy S7 it still does not look like the iPhone, the Galaxy S6 is designed to be more or less a continuation.

S7 allegedly leaked schematics based on a 3D mockup of the media OnLeaks out and was put together by uSwitch. Please check below.

Samsung phones will ring at them ahead of time about the "known" being. But all right, this mirror are hoping for a return to gold?

Pressure-sensitive touch screen

After apparently Apple's lead, Samsung Galaxy S phones in its new 3D touch-pressure sensitive screen is rumored to be building.

This feature-wise, (in a posting on Chinese social media website Weibo) Samsung / pressure sensitive head up the "leaker" Samsung will be teaming up with the track pad maker Synaptics say how it will be used to screen the Galaxy S is not unique functionality to develop.

USB PC, iris scanners, all-day batteries.

Miscellaneous - and encouraged phone - we expect to see on the next Galaxy S phone fast charging of goodies to include a USB type connection, some level of water resistance, an eye for extra security Slim scanner, and great battery - 3,000mAh and 3,600mAh ,, respectively Standard and Plus Size phones.

Li 1 Pro Superphone LETV USB Type C port. (CNET)

Like the sound of it? Then set aside some extra cash in your pocket and it is time to start clearing some space.

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